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I work as a performer, theatre-maker and director in a variety of styles, including; comedy, storytelling, clowning, drag and new writing. Below are some examples of past and current projects.

Sex(y) Ed

Co-creator and Performer

Two science-clowns decide it is their job to provide some lubrication to the sex education conversation. Taking a whistle-stop tour through their biggest lessons they ask the question, ‘what do I know now that I would tell my younger self?’

When a gaping silence to that question ensues, they embark on a journey to become experts in the field. Through the mediums of physical comedy, storytelling and lip sync they embark on real-time discoveries about the world of sex, with the help of their audience. Expect to cringe, laugh and learn as this curious duo attempt to bring you an honest and alternative sex education, the main lesson being…there is work to be done. 

Image by Veronica Romerio (@veronica_romerio)

Created and performed by Lila Robirosa and Lill Worden (@lillandlila)



Thatcher-Rite investigates one of Britain’s biggest political legacies. As our former PM is caught in the system of the afterlife, elements of political mythology, Empire, and British tradition will come alive with the help of the audience. With drag, camp, and a good natter, they decide what her final destination is. Will she make it to the clouds of heaven or to the pits of hell? 

Performed at: Razed and Confuzed Goes Digital 2.0 (Dec 2020) and Camden People’s Theatre Sprint Festival (Sept 2021)

Image by Jenna Coombs (@jcoombsy)

Created and performed by Jack Boal with Will Armstrong

Costume by Corrina Francavilla

The Game of Life

Creator and Performer

An autobiographical solo performance where one woman’s treacherous coming out story is revealed through a semi-interactive board game.

Performed at: Rose Bruford College (May 2019)

Currently in development under the new name of The Not-12 Days of Not-Christmas – performed at Razed and Confuzed 3.0 and Raze Collective’s Queer Clash Diary at The Yard Theatre.

Photo by Michael O’Reilly (@michaeloreillyphotographer)

The Divorce

Writer and Director

A political comedy exploring the relationship dynamics of Brexit through a lesbian married couple with two children.

Performed at Rose Bruford College Symposium Festival (April 2019)

Photos by Lottie Wood Photography (@lottieshootsfilm)

Devised and performed by: Jack Boal, Ines Autonell, Jacqueline Lipman and Lila Risnes

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