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About me

My background

I am a queer comedy performer, storyteller, clown, theatre-maker and director fresh on the scene after a Covid-induced hibernation. I studied BA (Hons) European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College in London, graduating in September 2019. I have since worked with organisations including Raze Collective, Drunken Chorus and Camden People’s Theatre to create online and in-person performances, which you can find out more about here.

My work

As a solo comedy performer, I tell ridiculous stories from my ridiculous life and hope to make people laugh in doing so. Existing somewhere between stand-up comedy and theatre, I try to represent queer stories in a ways that are light, joyful, nuanced and relatable.

Why I make the work I do

I make the work I do because telling stories is the best and most joyful way I know to connect with people and I am interested in comedy as a vehicle for this connection.

My work as a writer (which you can find here) fulfils a more soothing role in my practice; a way to help me and I hope others understand better and come to greater peace with our experiences.

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