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A message to myself for the New Year

May I remain curious to all that life throws at me.

May I remain open to the opportunities that come my way, 

But allow myself to close when it is wise to do so. 

May I have trust in myself, my choices and my abilities, 

And know that through this trust I will uncover more and more of what is true for me, 

Each day, a little more. 

May I be honest with myself and with others, 

But may I allow myself to be imperfect. 

Not just allow it, but celebrate it. 

May I remember in times of hardship that life and its feelings are ever-changing – that is the only constant – and whilst some things may never pass completely (nor should they), 

The perspective from which we relate to them will never be the same from one moment to the next. 

May I rest when I need to, 

And show gratitude to those who take care of me. 

May I find strength and spirit from my deepest fears, 

And may I endeavour always to keep learning. 

May I dance 

May I sing 

May I laugh 

May I cry

May I hug

May I fall 

May I stand up tall!

And may I return to this message when it’s all too much.

May I return to this message when I want to punish myself, 

And know simply that another sun will rise and another will too fall, 

And by that time I will feel – even if subtly so – different again. 

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