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I am a comedy performer, theatre-maker and director based in London.

I also write things. Check out my blog below or read my recent article in Total Theatre Magazine here.

Latest from the Blog

A really kind mirror

I’m thinking about love. And, Falling out of love. I’m thinking about what makes us fall in and out of love. And I’m thinking The people by whom I feel most loved in my life are the ones by whom I feel most understood. They reflect back an image of me that I recognise, thatContinue reading “A really kind mirror”

Island of Clarity

I was stuck. Stuck again. In one of my decision-making spirals of doom. You know the ones? Spending weeks agonising back and forth on a single decision that somewhere along the line you have decided is the single and crucial crossroad to all potential success and happiness in your life. If I get this wrong, I will be doomed forever. Of course it’s a ridiculous mindset but well, the mind is rather ridiculous if you ask me. After 10 days of this saga I didn’t even care what decision I made anymore, I just wanted to choose anything. I wanted some clarity, a sign or clue, anything to push me one way or the other – anything but sitting in this pointless middle-ground.

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